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David Heyman, who previously worked with Cuarn on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2. Gravity was produced entirely in the United Kingdom, where British visual effects company Framestore spent more than three years creating most of the films visual effects, which make up over 8. Gravity opened the 7. Venice International Film Festival on August 2. North American premiere three days later at the Telluride Film Festival. Upon its release, Gravity was met with critical acclaim, particular praise was given to Emmanuel Lubezkis cinematography, Steven Prices musical score, Cuarns direction, Bullocks performance, Framestores visual effects, and its use of 3. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Save File Pcsx2 Windows. D were all particularly praised by numerous critics. The film became the eighth highest grossing film of 2. At the 8. 6th Academy Awards, Gravity received ten Academy Award nominations and won seven, including, Best Director for Cuarn, Best Cinematography for Lubezki, Best Visual Effects, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Original Score for Price. The film was also awarded six BAFTA Awards, including Outstanding British Film and Best Director, the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, seven Critics Choice Movie Awards and a Bradbury Award. Dr. Ryan Stone Bullock, a biomedical engineer from Lake Zurich, Illinois, is aboard the NASA Space Shuttle Explorer for her first space mission, STS 1. Veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski Clooney is commanding his final mission. During a spacewalk to service the Hubble Space Telescope, Mission Control in Houston warns the team about a Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite, which has inadvertently caused a chain reaction forming a cloud of debris in space. Mission Control orders that the mission be aborted and the crew begin re entry immediately because the debris is speeding towards the Shuttle. Frost_Nixon_2008/large-screenshot2.jpg' alt='The Key To Rebecca Movie Torrent' title='The Key To Rebecca Movie Torrent' />Communication with Mission Control is lost shortly thereafter. High speed debris from the Russian satellite strikes the Explorer and Hubble, detaching Stone from the shuttle and leaving her tumbling through space. Kowalski, using a Manned Maneuvering Unit MMU, recovers Stone, and they return to the Explorer. The pair soon discovers that the Shuttle has suffered catastrophic damage and the rest of the crew are dead. Stone and Kowalski decide to use the MMU to reach the International Space Station, which is in orbit about 1,4. Kowalski estimates that they have 9. On their way to the International Space Station ISS, the two discuss Stones home life and her daughter, who died young in an accident. As they approach, they see that the ISSs crew has evacuated into one of its two Soyuz TMA capsules. The parachute of the remaining Soyuz TMA 1. M has deployed, rendering the capsule useless for returning to Earth. Kowalski suggests using it to travel to the nearby Chinese space station Tiangong, 1. Chinese module to return safely to Earth. Out of air and maneuvering power, the two try to grab onto the ISS as they fly by. Stones leg gets entangled in the Soyuzs parachute cords and she grabs a strap on Kowalskis suit, but it soon becomes clear that the cords will not support them both. Despite Stones protests, Kowalski detaches himself from the tether to save her from drifting away with him. Stone is pulled back towards the ISS, while Kowalski floats away to certain death. He continues to support her until he is out of communications range. Stone enters the space station via an airlock. She cannot re establish communication with Kowalski and concludes that she is now the sole survivor. Inside the station, a fire breaks out, forcing her to rush to the Soyuz. As she maneuvers the capsule away from the ISS, the tangled parachute tethers prevent it from separating from the station. Stone performs a spacewalk in order to release the cables, succeeding just as the debris field completes its orbit and destroys the station. Stone aligns the Soyuz with Tiangong, but discovers that Soyuzs engine has no fuel. After a poignant attempt at radio communication with a fisherman on Earth who speaks only EskimoAleut, Stone resigns herself to being stranded and shuts down the cabins oxygen supply to commit suicide. As she begins to lose consciousness, Kowalski enters the capsule. Scolding her for giving up, he tells her to rig the Soyuzs soft landing jets to propel the capsule toward Tiangong. Stone then realizes that Kowalskis reappearance was a hallucination, but has nonetheless given her the strength of will to continue. She restores the flow of oxygen and uses the landing jets to navigate toward Tiangong on momentum. Unable to maneuver the Soyuz to dock with the station, Stone ejects herself via explosive decompression and uses a fire extinguisher as a makeshift thruster to travel the final metres to Tiangong, which is rapidly deorbiting. Stone then enters the Shenzhou capsule just as Tiangong starts to break up on the upper edge of the atmosphere. Stone radios that she is ready to head back to Earth. After re entering the atmosphere, Stone hears Mission Control, which is tracking the capsule and sending a rescue. But due to a harsh reentry and the premature jettison of the heat shield, a fire starts inside the capsule. After speeding through the atmosphere, the capsule lands in a lake, but dense smoke forces Stone to evacuate immediately after splashdown. She opens the capsule hatch, allowing water to enter and sink it, forcing her to shed her spacesuit and swim ashore. After watching the remains of the Tiangong re enter the atmosphere, Stone shakily takes her first steps back on land. Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone,5 a medical engineer and mission specialist who is on her first space mission. According to Cuarn, Stone is a character who lives in her own bubble, and in the film shes trapped in her space suit. Bullocks character was extremely demanding and daunting. For her role, she spent long hours by herself being whipped around a sound stage with nothing but hundreds of cameras for company. She called the experience lonely and said there was frustrating, painful isolation on set, but in the best way8 and described her working day on the shoot a morose headspace. She was cast in 2. Jesse James. 1. 0The Hollywood Reporter estimated that Bullock would earn at least 7. George Clooney as Lieutenant Matt Kowalski,5 the commander of the team. Kowalski is a veteran astronaut planning to retire after the Explorer expedition. He enjoys telling stories about himself and joking with his team, and is determined to protect the lives of his fellow astronauts. Ed Harris voice as Mission Control in Houston, Texas. Orto Ignatiussen voice as Aningaaq,5 a Greenlandic Inuit fisherman who intercepts one of Stones transmissions. Aningaaq also appears in a self titled short, written and directed by Gravity co writer Jons Cuarn, which depicts the conversation between him and Stone from his perspective. Phaldut Sharma voice as Shariff Dasari,5 the flight engineer on board the Explorer.