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Rag Doll comics Wikipedia. The Rag Doll Peter Merkel is a fictional supervillain in the DC Universe. Publication historyeditRag Doll was first introduced as an adversary for the Golden age Flash in a story published in Flash Comics 3. December 1. 94. 2 where he was created by Gardner Fox. In the series Starman, James Robinson revived the character, giving him a darker reimagining. His son, Peter Merkel, Jr., most recently used his fathers name as a member of the Secret Six. Fictional character biographyeditGolden AgeeditPeter Merkel, a native of the Midwestern United States, was born with a unique condition Triple jointedness. Like the more common double jointedness, Merkels condition was characterized by extremely extensible ligaments and tendons, though to a significantly extended degree. The son of a side show barker, Merkel found work in a small local carnival as a contortionist and eccentric dancer. In the early 1. 94. Flash Games, play arcade flash games, action flash games, sports flash games, puzzle games, flash games. CrLUtsRU4/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Ragdoll Vs The Arrow Game' title='Ragdoll Vs The Arrow Game' />Merkel found himself out of work. Wandering the streets, Merkel despaired of having money. Br5XgGtgUa5urExGi3MhusFwhxgV_cRci0DX8lIC7Py2d-CJ_nju7YcIsQ4wX5vpAlI' alt='Ragdoll Vs The Arrow Game' title='Ragdoll Vs The Arrow Game' />Seeing large boxes of toys being loaded into a department store, Merkel hit on the idea of hiding himself in one of the large rag dolls and then robbing the store after closing. Going unnoticed among the toys, Merkel carried his idea one step further He would rob while still hidden in the Rag Doll suit. In these earliest days of costumed villains, the idea seemed novel and Merkel decided that no one would believe that a Rag Doll could commit crime. In time, the legend of the Rag Doll grew far and wide. Only the most popular Stick Games make it here. Ctf Themes 6.60 there. Play and rate games to decide which are the most popular and make it to this section. You can play and download 10000 free online web games at www. All the most fun and best flash games online handpicked for you to play. Soccer. Petty crooks began to seek out the Rag Doll, to take advantage of his criminal success. In 1. 94. 3, The Rag Doll moved his operation to Keystone City. There he had his thugs deliver him as a gift to a young heiress named Geralda Cummins. The young girl was holding a much touted party for her circle of socialites and the Rag Doll aimed to take advantage of the situation. To coordinate the event, Cummins had selected Joan Williams who had recently begun a party and festival business. It was decided that each of the wealthy guests would donate 1. Addicting Games is the largest source of the best free online games including funny games, flash games, arcade games, dressup games, internet games, shooting games. Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physicsbased game. Overcome the challenges and try to reach the end without your character getting injured. Showing 1 180 of 8,901 for Zombie 1 2 3 4 5 Narrow your search plants vs zombie plant vs zombie. NUCmsePuCeE/0.jpg' alt='Ragdoll Vs The Arrow Game' title='Ragdoll Vs The Arrow Game' />Bubble Shooter is a very addictive arcade flash game where your objective is to shoot bubbles to make them disappear. Use your mouse to aim and c. Whoever solved the hunt first, won the prize. Cuteftp Pro 9 Serial Number. Unknown to Joan, the doll Geralda had received as a gift was listening and planning a much different outcome. The next evening, the guests gathered to hear the reading of the first clue. As the guests departed, the Rag Doll signaled his thugs to follow them to the museum while he stayed to interrogate Joan Williams. His ploy was delayed however, by the untimely arrival of Williams beau, The Flash. While the Rag Doll remained in hiding, Williams and the Flash departed for the museum to provide the next clue. On their arrival, they were waylaid by the Rag Dolls thugs. While the Flash made short work of the henchmen, the Rag Doll himself drugged Joan with chloroform and stole the remaining clue. With these, he could find the treasure himself. With the henchmen wrapped up, The Flash returned to find Joan amnesiac from the chloroform and with no recollection as to the location of the bonds. Taking the first clue, the Flash then began to solve the puzzle at super speed and intercepted the Rag Doll on the 4th clue, at a local aquarium. The Rag Doll got the jump on Garrick with a swift blow to the skull and dumped the hero into an aquarium containing a giant octopus. He then raced quickly back to the Cummins estate to solve the treasure hunt with the 5th clue. Meanwhile, the Flash came to and after a tussle with the octopus, hotly pursued the criminal. He arrived just in time to see the Rag Doll pull the defense bonds out of their hiding place in the Cummins grand piano. Quickly, and literally, tying the villain in knots, the Flash returned the gift and carted the outlandish criminal off to the Keystone City Jail. Silver AgeeditFlash is reported to have had several other encounters with the Rag Doll over the years but none have been recorded. In the mid 1. 97. Rag Doll became a pawn in a rather bizarre series of robberies. After an encounter with the Thinker, the Rag Doll became brainwashed to commit crimes based on dolls. When the Flash intercepted the criminal, mundane accidents befell the elder speedster, undermining his self confidence. The Thinkers plan was to destroy the Flashs self esteem to the point that the hero would be too ineffectual to stop his grander plans. The Thinker was undone however, by a surprise visit from the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen, who quickly captured the former carnival worker. Allen also noticed a bizarre aura around the heads of Garrick and Merkel, suggesting that each was being manipulated in some way. At Merkels interrogation, the Rag Doll swore that he had no recollection of any crimes, convincing Allen that there was a greater force at work. Quickly switching Merkel for a real rag doll, he convinced Garrick and the Keystone police that a bizarre transmogrification had occurred and that Merkel was somehow dead. He then departed, only to return and hide in the evidence room when the Thinker himself paid a visit to confirm the demise of his agent. Caught red handed, the Thinker was quickly apprehended by the two Flashes and both the Thinker and the Rag Doll were returned to prison. Ragdoll in his Golden Age costume from Whos Who. In the early 1. 98. Rag Doll was contacted by the Ultra Humanite, a long standing foe of the Justice Society. Along with other elder villains as well as new younger recruits, the Rag Doll became a founding member of the second generation of the Secret Society of Super Villains. The Ultra Humanite had devised a machine that, for the sacrifice of ten heroes from the Justice Society and Justice League to be held in stasis, five from each team, all the heroes on Earth would disappear. Each villain then was assigned to dispose of his long time nemesis and the Rag Doll took the Flash. After delivering a false tip to the Flash, the Rag Doll ambushed the hero on a freight ship in Keystone Harbor. After luring him into the hold, the Flash learned too late that all he would find there was a bomb, the explosion of which dropped the unconscious hero at the feet of his adversary. As the other members of the Secret Society completed their task, the heroes were dispatched to Limbo, clearing Earth of costumed heroes. Unfortunately, the Ultra Humanite had deceived the Earth One villains into helping, by telling them they had an equal chance of their Earth being purged of heroes. This was not true. The Earth One villains were placed in Limbo, but, while the Rag Doll and his colleagues waged a massive crime wave, the villains rescued the captured heroes in Limbo. In short order, the Secret Society of Super Villains were consigned to Limbo and the balance of heroes on Earth was restored. Limbo would not prove a prison for the Rag Doll for long. While trapped there, the Ultra Humanite made contact with himself in the past, when he occupied the body of Dolores Winters in 1. Through the contact of advanced information, the Ultra Humanite taught himself a way to open a portal to Limbo in the 1. On doing so, the Rag Doll and other members of the Secret Society escaped to assist the young Humanite defeat the All Star Squadron. After a romp across the landscape of their youth, the aging villains proved no match for the large numbers of heroes and were beaten back to Limbo. Modern AgeeditBy the late 1. Rag Doll was well into his sixties. His hyper elastic ligaments had begun to collapse and over extend, causing the villain great pain.