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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic FAQWalkthrough for Xbox by Kerbow. FAQWalkthrough by Kerbow. How To Activate Dialog Blaster Package For Sale' title='How To Activate Dialog Blaster Package For Sale' />More for Star Wars Knights of. XBOX Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Walkthrough. Copyright 2. 00. 8 by Paul Kerbow. Written by Paul Kerbow. VIuuRChKLPI/hqdefault.jpg' alt='How To Activate Dialog Blaster Package Details' title='How To Activate Dialog Blaster Package Details' />For Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic on the Xbox, FAQWalkthrough by Kerbow. OpusFSI Flight Simulator Interface for FSX and Prepar3D. Express Helpline Get answer of your question fast from real experts. NOTE This post linked help files have been updated continuously since inception. Magnavox 557, 53x, 515, 513, 2160A, 2160, 2080 Philips. View and Download MSI Wind U230033US user manual online. MSI Wind U230033US User Guide. Wind U230033US Laptop pdf manual download. Email plk. 04aacu. This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise. Use of this guide on. Visit any external site linked in the guide at your own risk. The author is. not responsible for any offensive, dangerous, problematic, or otherwise. Download anything on said sties at your. The author is not responsible for any content you download from. WARNING This guide contains spoilers. Table of Contents. I. Guide Information. A. Welcome B. Email Policy. C. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. D. Things to Know Before Starting. E. Quick Definitions. F. Glitches in the Game. Taris. 2. Dantooine. Tatooine. 4. Kashyyyk. Manaan. 6. Leviathan. Korriban. 8. Unknown World. Other Glitches. 2. Dantooine. Tatooine. Kashyyyk. Manaan. Korriban. II. Starting a New Game. A. Character Classes. B. Portrait. C. Attributes. D. Skills. E. Feats. F. Name. G. Play. III. Endar Spire. A. Main Area. 1. Your Journal. B. Starboard Section. A. Background. B. Quests. 1. Main Quests. Side Quests. C. Apartment Complex. Dias Bounty. D. Upper City South. Rapid Transit System. Pazaak. 3. Invited to a Party. The Duel Ring. 5. Rakghoul Serum. E. Upper City North. Apartments. a. The PartyIntervention. Largos Bounty. F. Lower City. 1. Matriks Bounty. Selvins Bounty. 3. Bek Base and Gadons Deal. G. Undercity. 1. Missing Apprentice. Infected Outcasts. Promised Land. 4. The Sewers and Zaalbar. Upper Sewers. H. Black Vulkar Base. Back to Gadon Light Side. Assassinate Gadon Dark Side. I. Swoop Racing. J. The Rescue. K. Canderous Crazy Scheme. L. The Duel Ring continued. M. Sith Base. N. The Duel Ring Bendaks Bounty. O. Daviks Mansion. P. The Ebon Hawk Escape V. Dantooine. A. Background. B. Quests. Main Quests. Side Quests. C. Jedi Training. The Way of the Jedi. New Feats. 3. Force Powers. The Dark Taint. 5. Mandalorian Raiders. Missing Companion. Murdered Settler. Juhani. D. Missions Brother Party Member Side Quest. E. The Death of a Feud. F. Mandalorian Leader. G. To the Ruins. H. Star Map. I. Jagis Challenge Party Member Side Quest. J. Bastilas Mother Party Member Side Quest. VI. Tatooine. A. Background. B. Quests. Main Quests. Side Quests. C. The Stowaway. Back to Dantooine light side option. Tatooine Again or not. D. Package Delivery E. Anchorhead. 1. Sharinas Problem. Swoop Track. 3. Bastilas Mother. HK 4. 7. F. Dune Sea. G. Jagis Challenge. H. A Peaceful Solution. I. The Almighty Krayt Dragon. J. Star Map. K. Finding Dustil Party Member Side Quest. VII. Kashyyyk. A. Background. B. Quests. Main Quests. 2. Side Quests. C. Eli and Matton. D. Shadowlands. Jolees Request. Lost Wookie. 3. Lower Shadowlands. Mandalorian Shadows. Star Map. A. Background. B. Quests. 1. Main Quests. Side Quests. C. Sunry Murder Trial. D. Missing Selkath and Republic Hiring Mercenaries. E. Dark Side Mission Hulas and the Genoharaden. Lorgal. 2. Dantooine Zuulan. Back to Hulas. 4. The Death of Ithorak. Tatooine Vorn. 6. Kashyyyk Rulan. Darth Bandon. To Hulas Again. Hulas and the Dune Sea. Manaan Again end dark side mission. F. Sunry Murder Trial continued. Firath Me. 2. Glupor. Felicity Season 1 Episode 1 Torrent there. G. Republic Embassy. H. Swoop RacingQueedles Problem. I. Sith Base. 1. Missing Selkath. J. The Trial of Sunry. K. Return to Republic Base. L. Hrakert Station. In the Water. 2. Alone in the Station. To Destroy or Poison. Star Map. 5. Darth Bandon. M. On Trial Again. IX. Leviathan. A. The Interrogation. B. Escape 1. To the Bridge. Carths Revenge. C. Darth Malak. X. Korriban. A. Background. B. Quests. 1. Main Quests. Side Quests and Gaining Prestige. C. Landing Area. Juhanis Temptation Party Member Side Quest. Spice Run. 3. The Box. D. Academy Hopeful. E. The Way of the Sith. Double Cross. 2. Lashowe. Dustil Onasi Party Member Side Quest. Doubting Sith. 5. Mandalorian Weapons. Prisoners. 7. Sith Rebels. Lost Droids. 9. Holocron. Jorak the Hermit. Ajunta Pall. 1. 2. Double Double Cross. Double Double Double Cross. Sith Code. F. The Tomb of Naga Sadow. G. Star Map. H. Betrayal. XI. Unknown World. A. Background. B. The Fall. C. The Get Everything Done Path. Mandalorian Attack. The Ones Request. The Elders. 4. Back to The One. D. Light Path. 1. The Elders Request. The One. E. Dark Path. The Ones Request. The Elders. F. Temple of the Ancients. Main Area. 2. Catacombs. Temple Summit. 4. Back to The Elders Get Everything Done path. G. Back to The One dark side. H. To the Ebon Hawk dark side. XII. Star Forge. A. Beginning Advice. B. Deck 1. C. Deck 2. D. Command Center. E. Darth Malak. XIII. Credits. XIV. Contact Policy. XV. Legal Information. XVI. Version History. XVII. Future Updates. I. Guide Information. Hello and welcome to my guide for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I am. Paul and I will walk you through every possible outcome in this game. There. are some things that I do not know yet, so email me if you find something I. This guide is written in a step by step format. In order to. get the most out of this guide, use it the entire time while playing the game. You dont have to do it this way if you do not want to, I am just informing. If you dont follow the guide step by. If this is your first time playing the. B. Email Policy. If you wish to email me, put star wars somewhere in the subject. Emails. that dont use this subject may not be responded to. As long as you put star. I will respond to it. That is what I use to search my. Please avoid using ALL. CAPS. Also specify which game you are talking about KOTOR I or KOTOR II as I. You will get credit for whatever you show me that I dont have. It could be. anything that helps other people such as a better strategy to defeat an. I have not solved yet, etc. When you email me, tell. I wont. put your email address here unless you ask for me to do so. I will only give. Also please feel. Dont worry, I wont call. By fixing mistakes it helps me make the guide better. Or even an email thanking me for the guide is. C. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. Q Do you plan on making any other gaming guides A Not at the moment. Q I have HK but the sand people keep attacking me. What do I do A You probably used the rts system to get back to the Ebon Hawk while wearing. When you do this, you trigger a glitch where the game. Remove the clothing, use rts, and exit Anchorhead without the clothing. When you get near the exit to the sand people enclave, put the clothing. If that doesnt work then reload from an earlier save and make sure to. D. Things to Know Before Starting. Save often There are glitches in the game. Some of these benefit you. Others. are harmful and can keep you from playing the game. If you run into a glitch. Just reload the last saved game. I would suggest. to use two or three save slots to save your game. Under no circumstances are you to kill a fallen Jedi named Juhani on. Dantooine. LET HER LIVE EVEN IF YOU ARE A DARK PLAYER She will join you. Under no circumstances are you to attack the gun turrets on the Star Forge. LEAVE THEM ALONEYou need to disable the turrets by using a computer. If you attack the turrets you will make the game harder for. Game Update 4. 0 Knights of the Fallen Empire Early Access. Game Update 4. 0 Knights of the Fallen Empire Early Access. Knights of the Fallen Empirenights of the Fallen Empire content is only available to players who are eligible for the four Knights of the Fallen Empire subscriber rewards by having been a subscriber on August 1. August 3. 1st, September 3. October 1. 9th, 2. All other subscribers will be able to access the content on October 2. All classes can now reach Level 6. New Ongoing Storyline Knights of the Fallen Empire begins an epic, new storyline at level 6. Chapters. Regular Chapter releases continue the story starting in Early 2. Subscription RequiredStart at Level 6. Jump right into the action of Knights of the Fallen Empire with the option to begin the game at level 6. Subscription RequiredNew Player Tutorial Chapter I introduces you to your classs abilities and eases you into combat while the story unfolds. Veteran players can disable the Tutorial via the Menu. New Planet ZakuulThe new seat of power in the galaxy Skyscrapers reach toward the stars while surrounded by a vast and savage swamp. New Companions Unlock new Companions over the course of the first nine Chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Begin your Alliance Continue your adventure after Chapter IX by recruiting Companions to grow your Alliance. New Flashpoint Star Fortress Conquer the new Flashpoint and liberate the Galaxy from the grasp of the Eternal Empire Highlights. New 1 6. Leveling Experience Leveling from level 1 has never been more exciting You can now reach Level 6. Main Story Arc Missions and Planetary Arc Missions. Reworked Primary Stats The four primary stats Strength, Willpower, Cunning, and Aim have all been replaced by a single stat called Mastery. For this and other stat changes, see the Classes Combat section below. New System Level Sync Adventure with other players with Level SyncGet level appropriate Experience and Mission rewards while grouping with other players on the core worlds, while retaining all of your abilities Those womp rats wont know what hit them Legacy Wide Datacrons Now Live Found Datacrons now grant stat bonuses to every character in your Legacy You can track your Datacron progress in the Legacy window. Flashpoint and Operation Revamp Flashpoints and Operations have been revisited and updated New Modes are now available for many older Flashpoints, and many others are now available at max Level. See the Flashpoints Operations section for full details Ranked Arena Season 6 has come to an end Season 6 has come to a glorious conclusion You can use your Season 6 Tokens to purchase rewards from the vendor in the Combat section of either Fleet. General. Players will now achieve Legendary Status if they complete every class story in the game. You can track your Legendary Status progress at Character Select where a new GUI element is found. In game, players who have achieved Legendary Status will have a new icon next to their name on their nameplate. Gaining Legendary Status will also grant the player a significant amount of Presence to their companions. All Subscribers have been granted an additional two Character Slots per server. The Subscriber Character limit is now 4. Datacrons are now shared between all characters within your Legacy. You can track your Datacron collection progress on your Legacy window under Global Unlocks. Added Whisper and AddRemove friend to the Guild window right click context menu. Players are now able to unlock the Random Mount and Random Pet abilities from the Legacy panel under Global UnlocksOther. These abilities select a random mount or pet from all mounts or pets available on the character activating the ability. In most cases, capes no longer clip through Vehicles and Mounts. Added a new key binding option CtrlE by default for entering Edit Mode in Galactic Strongholds. Added a new key binding option N by default for the new Companions Contacts interface. The default keybinding for Crew Skills has been changed to B. The levels in which you can gain Speeder Piloting 123 have been adjusted. For Subscribers. Rank 1 Level 1. Rank 2 Level 2. 5. Rank 3 Level 3. 5For Non subscribers. Rank 1 Level 2. 0. Rank 2 Level 3. 5. Rank 3 Level 4. 5With the Legacy Purchase. Rank 1 Level 1. Rank 2 Level 1. Rank 3 Level 2. 5Fixed an issue where Exploration achievements were not granted if the last region discovered only had one Fog of War area on the map. Companion System Changes. The current Affection system has been replaced with Influence. Companion characters react to your conversation options by displaying their reaction when the choice is made e. Vette approves your decision, M1 4. X will remember this, etc. Whether a companion agrees or disagrees with your decision, you will still build influence with them depending on their reaction and severity of the action. We want to reward you for spending time with your companions and not worry about losing progression or standing by making decisions the way you think your character should. As you gain Influence, youll increase your Influence Rank with that companion. Increasing your Influence Rank with a companion directly increases that companions combat and crafting performance in the form of a bonus to Presence, Crafting Speed, and Crafting Critical. Each point of Presence now provides a percentage bonus to a companions performance, rather than flat numerical bonuses. This means Presence will scale better at higher levels. Additionally, Crafting bonuses are now entirely driven by Influence rank. As such, the inherent Companion Crafting Bonuses for specific Crew Skills have been removed e. Armormech Critical. All players Affection totals will be converted directly into Influence at a 1 1 ratio, so you keep the points that youve gained thus far however, Influence goes beyond the previous 1. Affection. Youll be able to gain even more Influence with each of your companionsAdditional Companion related changes New Rank 6 Companion gifts have been introduced Class Companion conversations will now unlock based upon class story progression, rather than affectioninfluence thresholds. All companions are now capable of performing all three combat roles Tank, DPS, Healing, and can be freely switched between roles so long as theyre not currently in combat. No need to worry if you love M1 4. X but really need a healer Companion gear is now purely aesthetic. Players no longer need to worry about companions underperforming because of their outdated gear. While equipment will still change the visual appearance of companions just as it did before its important to look your best when youre adventuring across the galaxy, companions will no longer gain combat stats from their gear. Due to this change, any gear slots which have no effect on a given companions appearance will be removed from that companion. Any gear in those slots will be returned directly to the Characters inventory. Planet Level Sync. We have added a new system to the game called Level Sync. This system automatically lowers your Characters level to slightly higher than that planets maximum level. For example, if you are Level 6. Alderaan to do some Missions, your character will be scaled down to be Level 3. While you are under Level Sync, the following things are adjusted on your character. Weapon Damage. However, while under Level Sync we do not take away any abilities or passive effects that you have.