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Galaga For Windows 7' title='Galaga For Windows 7' />How to Have Computer Fun. If youre in the mood for instant entertainment, look no further than your computer. No matter what you like to do for fun, youve got. Tekken 7 Tekken Wiki. Developer Namco. Publisher Bandai Namco. Producer Katsuhiro Harada. Platform Arcade, Play. For everyone who says hey cannot play the game, you can, you just need java doesnt matter about versions really, 1. Station 4. Xbox One, PC Steam. Release date Arcade. Play. Station 4 Xbox One. JP June 1, 2. 01. WW June 2, 2. 01. Microsoft Windows. Genre Fighting. Mode Single player, Multiplayer, Online. System Unreal Engine 4. Tekken 7 7,Tekken 7 is the latest installment in Tekken series, is a fighting game developed and published by Namco. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4, making it the first game of the series to run on this engine. Sega Games Full Version For Xp there. The game also marks the 2. Tekken series. Plot After the events of Tekken 6, the war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation still continues along with the disappearance of Jin Kazama. Meanwhile, a investigative journalist who lost his wife and son during the war that Jin started and whom also narrates throughout part of the game begins narrating about the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation. Kazuya Mishima is shown fighting his father, Heihachi Mishima when suddenly he is violently kicked away by Heihachi. Kazuya is enraged because Heihachi killed his mother Kazumi Mishima ne Hachijo. Heihachi beats Kazuya and throws him off the cliff, setting the Tekken games in motion. Heihachi Mishima finds and reaches the Mishima Zaibatsu building and regains control after beating Nina. Galaga For Windows 7' title='Galaga For Windows 7' />He announces The King of Iron Fist tournament. Heihachi and Nina Williams strike a deal with Claudio Serafino who is the leader of the Sirius Marksmen organisation to expose Kazuya Mishima, the leader of the G corporation as he possesses the Devil Gene and to turn public opinion against them. Claudio agrees and senses a force which doesnt have any relation to Jin or Kazuya. Elsewhere, the reporter searches up information and finds something about the Mishimas history and puts together the fact that Heihachis father, Jinpachi Mishima was imprisoned beneath Hon Maru and the death of his wife, Kazumi Mishima ne Hachijo happened in the same year of Heihachi throwing a five year old Kazuya off a cliff. Later, the United Nations manages to find a weakened Jin but not before he turns into his devil form and attacks, later on, Jin escapes and is almost captured but not before Lars Alexandersson finds him and takes out the soldiers, he takes Jin and drives away. He takes him to Violet Systems where Jin recuperates after the attack. Galaga For Windows 7' title='Galaga For Windows 7' />Lee Chaolan, the leader of Violet Systems fixes Alisa Bosconovitch who was seemingly destroyed in the last game. The reporter, having met with Lars and Lee during his findings was going to kill Jin in his sleep but Lars discourages him, telling him that he wants to kill Jin too, but he is the only one that has a chance of stopping conflict with Kazuya and Heihachi. Heihachi is meditating at a temple when suddenly the doors violently open as Akuma is revealed, Heihachi and Akuma fight only for Jack 6 robots to bust in and are defeated by the two. Heihachi asks who the demon is, Akuma tells him his name and that he was sent by Kazumi before her death to kill Heihachi and Kazuya. Kazuya, unbeknownst to the pair is hearing this from one of the Jack 6 robots, Heihachi and Akuma face off again with Akuma seemingly killing Heihachi who escapes later and declares himself dead to the public. The Tekken Force invades and Nina attempts to take Jin but is stopped by the now repaired Alisa. Nina manages to capture Jin but as she contacts the people on the helicopter, Lees voice can be heard as the Tekken Force soldiers aboard fall and Lee controls the helicopter, Lee, Lars, and Alisa eventually fend off the Tekken Force and rescue Jin from being taken. Akuma later appears and the G Corporation soldiers have their guns trained on him. Kazuya, however, tells them to lead him to the roof, Kazuya asks how he knows his mother, Akuma replies that he owes a debt to Kazumi because she saved his life. They fight and Kazuya turns into his devil form, Heihachi manages to capture Kazuya turning into his devil form. Akuma and Kazuya fight with the building they stood on being destroyed by Heihachi using a beam from out of space. News spread about the sighting of a devil which was rumored to be Kazuya. The reporter mentions how he thought that his town was destroyed by human beings but he thinks there was more to it. Kazuya retaliates by shooting down the beam Heihachi shot from which results in it crashing down into earth. The reporter then tries to tell the Mishima Zaibatsu about his new xpose hes doing on them but much to his surprise, Heihachi wants to meet up with the reporter. Heihachi tells him about Kazumi and about how they met, when one day, Kazumi has gotten a fever and was recovered, the next day Kazumi confronted Heihachi when he was training and told him one day he would inflict war on others and fights, during the fight he turns into her devil form. Heihachi beats her and walks away, Kazumi gets up for another attack when Heihachi grabs her by the throat and crushes her larynx, killing her. Heihachi then told the reported he threw Kazuya off a cliff because he wanted to see if he could get back up and become the heir to the Mishima Zaibatsu. Heihachi then says its his fault about his familys deaths. The reporter asks him how he knows before being grabbed by Tekken soldiers, the reporter asks what this war means to Heihachi only for Heihachi to walk off and the reporter getting knocked out by the Tekken soldiers. When he wakes up he sees Lars who tells him the Zaibatsu told him to come and they go back to Violet Systems, the reporter was thinking about what Heihachi said and the look Heihachi gave him. They arrive at Violet Systems a few hours later only to see the view of a volcano where Kazuya and Heihachi stand to fight on a TV which had the reporter in shock. Kazuya and Heihachi stand on a volcano where they planned to fight, Heihachi starts beating Kazuya, before Kazuya turns into his Devil Gene form once again. They fight and Kazuya and Heihachi begin punching each other, Kazuya punches Heihachi in the chest and watches as Heihachi headbutts Kazuya, as Kazuya can barely stand, he gets flashbacks of everything that happened to him, seeing how Heihachi threw him off a cliff and that Heihachi killed his mother in the games before and after. Kazuya gets mad and hits Heihachi with a strong punch which damages and stops Heihachis heart, causing Heihachi to fall and die. Kazuya throws his fathers deceased body into the volcano with Kazuya saying those words A fight is about who is left standing. Nothing else. However, Kazuya notices Akuma is also not dead, as he dodges Akumas Gohadoken and proceeds to battle him in his devil form. As the volcano began to erupt as Devil Kazuyas Devil Blaster and Akumas Messatsu Gohadoken clashed, the final outcomes remained unknown. Elsewhere in the afternoon, Lars, Alisa, and Lee are seen on the rooftop, watching the ruins across the world without Heihachi since the Mishima Zaibatsus downfall, and concluding that G Corporation wont be doing anything to stop this crisis war. Soon, Lars dispatches his awakened nephew, Jin as their final hope to eliminate Kazuya for good and to make it up for most of his nephews remaining sins and to what Jin has done to the world from the previous game, as Jin complies, due to the devils blood that runs through his veins as his father and that it is up to him to save the world, kill Kazuya, and end this war once and for all.