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Thomas Knight Turbo Electric Supercharger Tech Review. Hard case cars are those sport compacts that fall through the cracks in the industry and consequently get zero love in the aftermarket. Nary a bolt on to be had, these cars rely on the universal parts to conjure higher flowing exhaust systems or intakes. Heck, most owners are lucky to find a good set of tuner wheels. A lot of these lost souls are out there and for those unfortunates who lust for boost, theres light at the end of the tunnel the Thomas Knight Turbo electric supercharger. Treadstone cast turbo manifolds, 1 The most extensive cast turbo manifold inventory in the industry We have turbo manifolds for all makes and models, if we dont. Advanced Tuning Products or ATP Turbo offers aftermarket turbo solutions and engine tuning accessories for high performance cars. Designed as a universal supercharger, there are no ungodly pulley configurations or whacked out axle drives to deal with. In fact, Thomas Knight Turbo TKT likens the installation to that of a high flow intake. TKT says that for most FWD cars, relocating the battery to the trunk and swapping out the air filter opens up enough room to install the unit. The ESC 4. 00 is the result of 2. Impressive as they are, peak horsepower numbers, large external dimensions and max boost levels do not tell the whole story in turbocharging. Variations in properly. I built my first ESC in 1. Turbo Tech, an FAA and industrial turbo repair station, says TKTs Geoff Knight. A T1. 1 turbo from a wrecked aircraft was being inspected to see if it caused the engine to fail and it was fine. The FAA never allows parts from any crashed plane to see air time again, so this perfect turbo was deemed un air worthy. So he bought it for 2. An old time machinist showed Knight how to work the machines there, so he ground off the turbine blades and machined the cartridge for ball bearings. He pressed a 1. 5 inch, two groove pulley on the turbine end of the shaft and installed it into the turbo with the ball bearings. A friend who owned a starteralternator shop helped him rewind several starters until they made one that produced 5 6 psi spinning 7. Subscribe and SAVE, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription by clicking the links below each cover image. The HTC One X is a touchscreenbased, slatesized smartphone designed and manufactured by HTC. It was released running Android 4. The calm and collected folks of Engine Masters and Roadkill took a junky Ford V8 pulled from a 5. Mustang, hopped up with a Ford Powerstroke diesel turbo. The engine. TurboKits. Momentum HD Pro 5R Cold Air Intake System, 0810 Chevy Duramax, 0810 GMC Duramax, 0810 GMC Sierra, 0810 Chevy. Use our interactive battery finder to determine the most suitable battery for your vehicle. Download our comprehensive automotive application guide. Evo X Turbo Bolt Size' title='Evo X Turbo Bolt Size' />Evo X Turbo Bolt SizeEvo X Turbo Bolt SizeUberScoot 2x 50cc Gas Powered Scooter a Evo brand Gas Powered Powerboard from Puzey Design with 2Stroke engine, 2 Speed transmission and a removable seat. This 50cc. Read all about the Thomas Knight Turbo Electric Supercharger, brought to you exclusively by the experts at Turbo Magazine. V and 4. 00 amps at 2. V. Then he mounted a 6 inch, two groove pulley on it and attached everything to a piece of plywood in the back of his 7. VW Beetle. Running two batteries in series, he routed a 2. It made 6 7 psi at launch and 3 psi at redline. The VW was fast, says Knight. Belts flew off every run no exception. V belts dont like 3. I tried for years to do better. In the early 8. Knight raced electric RC boats. He installed an Astro Flight 2. SK daddle boat and ran 2. V Ni. Cads. He decided to try for the record 2. More batteries didnt help. Two motors and shafts added 3 mph, so he ran 3. I then tried three motors, and even four but nothing went faster. I was frustrated he remembers. Knight then raced 1. Hydros for a while and met one of the unlimited drivers at a race. Hed done something similar with model gas boats, so the subject moved to why Knight couldnt go faster. Simple, he replied, hydrodynamic drag too much surface area from too many blades. So Knight eliminated all shafts except one, and ran three motors side by side with nylon gears connecting them. That made 3. 5 mph on the first try. By then, the top guys were at 4. Too little, too late. But this lesson eventually led to the production ESC. Through the years, Knight built about 2. ESC prototypes, but he never had enough electrical power. In 1. 99. 6 Knight looked into a 9. DC motor, but it was bigger than a car engine and weighed 1. He decided to lower the engine size to a reasonable amount. Even a 2. 0 liter engine making 1. DC motor. Knight looked into smaller motors, which were still too big and heavy. In 1. Knight, I remembered the model boat multiple motors, and realized I may have a solution. Two or more motors three or four. Why not So he applied for patents and researched motors. Black Cat Air Compressor Bc 2500 Manual. The 4kw brushless model plane motors were 1,0. He made one with three model motors drawing 3,5. This one used a centrifugal supercharger with gears, then belts, etc. Gears were parasitic, and belts were destroyed in a short time. Frustration set in again, and Knight built one with some 3kw starter motors. These field winding motors had a ton of torque, but grew hot quickly. After rewinding the starters to different levels, he reached 1. KW per motor. But the belts and other problems made these centrifugal units work only for someone who wouldnt object to replacing bearings and belts all the time. Knight was desperate. Hed just replaced 1. ESC and wasnt happy. He had a twin rotor M6. Eaton and machined an adaptor to bolt it up. He was sure it would be a poor performer, but went ahead and bolted it into the car. It was awesome Knight says. Instant boost, with much faster response than the centrifugal design. Boost was higher at first with the curve going down on a linear path. Now Knight has patents pending on six different designs, and international patents as well. Two years of constant use on the Avenger test mule has proven the Eatonelectric to be indestructible. The Eaton lasts 1. K as a belt driven supercharger. As an ESC they should last 4 million miles. The electric motors have a 1. If Thomas Knight Turbos has its way, being on the juice will soon have a whole new meaning. TKT has certainly performed the proper due diligence on this one and the ESC 4. Time will tell if this technology catches on. ESC Q ATurbo Why did you build an electric supercharger Thomas Knigh. T The idea of a serious electric supercharger has always intrigued me. There are no parasitic losses, the unit can be mounted anywhere in the car and it can be run in any car its not application specific. T When did you start on your design TK I built my first electric supercharger in 1. I was working at Turbo Tech in Miami and used an Airesearch T1. I ground the turbine wheel blades off and fit a small multi groove V belt pulley on the shaft with some ball bearings. It worked great on my VW beetle. I mounted it where the back seat was and ran a duct through the firewall to the carb top. An extra car battery in series with the stock battery 2. I threw V belts every 3. T Have you designed different types of electric superchargersTK Ive built more than 1. Four psi is better than nothing, but my goal was 1. T When did you develop the idea of using three motors TK About 1. I developed a program to determine the horsepower requirements for electric compressors. It was a very difficult program and it took me a long time to get the parameters correct. I found that flowing 7. I went smaller on engine size and lowered boost requirements until I reached 4. I looked for a 2. All I found were 5. Three years ago I realized if I used multiple motors, I could get to the 2. T Why a Roots type supercharger TK I designed many different models and applied for the patents. Game Pc Dengan Ukuran Kecil more. I also have patents pending on screw, roots, centrifugal and sliding vane type electric superchargers. The centrifugal design is in the works, and the screw is simply too expensive to use. The sliding vane is great but quite large, so the Roots is cost effective, reliable, simple, durable, and provides the quickest boost response. T How does your system operate TK The ESC 4. Nitrous is great but is quite expensive and filling the bottle is time consuming. Recharging batteries costs pennies a day. Think of the batteries as the same as a nitrous tank. T Can the batteries be charged from the alternator TK Yes, but see additional notes f the alternator is stock, we suggest four or more standard batteries or Optima batteries, which will provide longer running times. These will be heavy, so you can eventually replace the alternator with a 2.