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HP Compaq Elite. Book 6. User Reviewby Christopher Chua. The HP Compaq Elite. Book 6. 93. 0p is HPs latest 1. It is part of HPs premium Elite. Book range of business notebooks that emphasizes mobility, performance and durability. The Elite. Book range is mainly distinguished from HPs regular business notebooks by offering a unique aircraft grade aluminum shell bonded with a magnesium alloy casing, resulting in a housing that is both rigid and durable. The anodized aluminum finishing means paint chips and scratches will be old news, even though HPs previous dust coated 6. The 6. 93. 0p is a direct replacement for the 6. It maintains the same size, weight and dimensions as its predecessor, but otherwise offers a complete refresh internally and externally. The 6. 93. 0p, being the best seller among the models in the Elite. Book range, is offered in a variety of configurations and my particular unit is configured with the following specifications Intel Core 2 Duo T9. Processor 2. 5. 3GHz, 6. MB L2 cache, 1. 06. No more missed important software updates UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up to date and secure with the software on your computer. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. MHz FSB2. GB 8. 00. MHz DDR2 RAM1. 60. GB Seagate 7. 20. HDDWXGA 1. 44. 09. ATI Mobility Radeon HD3. MB Integrated 2 megapixels webcam. Item7254/chipset.jpg' alt='Drivers Montevina Board' title='Drivers Montevina Board' />Keyboard light HP NightlightIntel 5. ABGN wireless. Bluetooth 2. Dual pointing devices with keyboard. Upgrade. Bay DVD RW with Lightscribe. Integrated Fingerprint reader. Firewire 1. 39. 4a. HP 3. D Driveguard HDD Protection. VGA Connector. Three USB Ports. Warranty. MSRP 2. Build and Design. The first thing youll notice about the 6. Despite the aluminum finishing, it has not lost its professional luster either. Revenge Of The Sith Full Movie. The Elite. Book range has certainly redefined the stereotypical look of professional workstations. The notebook is very well assembled, like the previous nc. Ive used. It feels very sturdy and solid, but HP should definitely work on improving the weight as it is technically not the lightest 1. There are no creaks in the casing and it does not flex at all due to the strong aluminum finishing unlike carbon fiber reinforced plastic used in many rival products. The battery does not wobble and fits snugly. There are no loose fitting parts at all. This is simply one of the most solidly constructed mainstream notebooks in the market. The 6. 93. 0p appears thicker than the nc. The metal hinges have been redesigned and they are now extremely tight. They are in fact the tightest Ive ever felt on a business notebook and Ive tried just about every other major brand Thinkpads, Latitudes, Tecras. The screen housing is equally rigid and does not flex nor distort the screen in any way. The screen bezel is attached firmly to the screen with no gaps that allow dust to build up. The Elite. Book range features HPs 3. D Drive. Guard hard disk protection system which is essentially an accelerometer embedded on the system board coupled with a hard disk enclosure design that prevents damage to the hard disk in a fall. Keyboard and Touchpad. The 6. 91. 0p has an awesome keyboard, with no flex, quiet keys and adequate travel. It is one of the most ergonomically comfortable keyboards. HP maintained the same keyboard design and construction in the 6. Although the keys are now less clicky than before, I find them as comfortable to use as its predecessor. Many have criticized HPs placement of the Home, Page Up, Page Down and End keys, but I do not find this to be a serious issue at all. In fact, I believe the proper placement of FN and CTRL keys are more important and HP has certainly designed this correctly. The pointstick is responsive and it works, but it still pales in comparison to those found on Thinkpads mainly because the rubber caps are not as comfortable to use. HP changed the color of the rubber caps from blue to black, making them less distinctive than before. The Synaptics touchpad is very responsive and has excellent texture for comfortable usage. The rubber mouse buttons are a nice touch as they feel much better ergonomically than regular hard plastic buttons. There are touch sensitive buttons along the top of the keyboard for HP Info centre, Wireless, Presentation, Mute and Volume buttons. Unlike the ones on the previous models, they are always lit which can get a little distracting in the dark. A new feature adopted from the 2. PC is the HP Night. Light feature, which is similar to Thinkpads Think. Light feature. However, HPs Night. Light is neatly tucked into the screen bezel when not in use and a simple push of the button pops the bright white LED light out of the bezel to provide adequate keyboard lighting in the dark. The Nightlight is dimmer than the Think. Light and as a result keyboard illumination is not as good in the dark. Display. The nc. 64. Im glad to report that this is no longer the case with the 6. The matte AUO WXGA display is very bright, very clear and has no visible light leakage. Viewing angles are also excellent for a screen of this size. Colors are vivid and it is very bright and evenly lit despite being a CCFL backlit display. I really love this beautiful screen. While I dont recommend the nc. Speakers. The stereo speakers are located on the front of the notebook and like its predecessors, are not symmetrically placed but this has not proven to be an issue in regular usage. They are also loud and clear. Bass is poor as expected as in the majority of business notebooks, so it is not an issue here. Webcam and Microphones. HP offers an optional 2. It is a standard web cam which works well for video conferencing and is noisy in low light conditions. The business card reader application bundled with the notebook is really cool and actually works, yielding almost accurate results when tested on a standard USAustralian business card missing a space in job title Software. Developer. The concept is simple and the genius is in the OCR of the software. The application does not work on non HP devices as it requires a matching camera hardware ID. There are two microphones, which are located along the antenna cover strips. The placement isnt that great since they are not facing you when the screen is opened and can be slightly less sensitive. Performance and Benchmarks. The 6. 93. 0p is powered by Intels latest Montevina platform and the T9. Penryn CPUs with a 1. MHz FSB. Unfortunately, HP has decided to stick to the older DDR2 for its RAM, hence effectively limiting the capabilities of the platform when other vendors have switched to DDR3 implementations. However, corporate IT departments may appreciate this as DDR3 modules are still more expensive and there should be more spare DDR2 modules available for easy upgrade in most IT departments. Prime Benchmarkw. Prime is a multi threaded CPU test  that provides a more accurate benchmark for dual core CPUs. Version 2. 0 of the benchmark application is used. The Seagate 7. 20. HDTune v. 2. 5. 5 benchmarks show. PCMark. 05 Score The ATI HD3. HP drivers ATI v. Judging from benchmarks alone, this card is much faster approximately 5 6 times than the X1. Direct. X 1. 0. 1. The benchmarks are conducted in 1. Adobe Creative Suite Cs4 Design Premium Keygen Crack Serial. As this is a mainstream balanced notebook, HP should offer a hybrid graphics solution to provide more flexibility and improve battery life in situations when a discrete graphics card isnt required. Operating System and Software. HP delivered this notebook with Windows XP SP2 pre installed not even SP3, with a Vista Business COA but no Recovery DVDs nor an option to create one unlike their previous models where they ship with both.