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Download Update. Star Update. Star. Download the. Download Mixmeister Studio 7 2' title='Download Mixmeister Studio 7 2' />Home Browse Audio Files Audio Files. The Audio Files category includes compressed and uncompressed audio formats, which contain waveform data that can be played. MixMeister BPM Analyzer is a free program you can use to automatically detect the exact BPM beats per minute of any song. The tags in most digital music files. AIR Music Producer Pack FREE Vault Expansion, AIR Music Producer Pack FREE Vault Expansion plugin, buy AIR Music Producer Pack FREE Vault Expansion, download. Double click the downloaded file. Update. Star is compatible with Windows platforms. Update. Star has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with. Download Mixmeister Studio 7 2' title='Download Mixmeister Studio 7 2' />Windows 1. Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2. Windows. XP, 3. 2 bit and 6. Simply double click the downloaded file to install it. Update. Star Free and Update. Star Premium come with the same installer. Update. Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more. You can choose your language settings from within the program. Audio File Formats. The Audio Files category includes compressed and uncompressed audio formats, which contain waveform data that can be played with audio playback software. This category also includes MIDI files, musical scores, and audio project files, which typically do not contain audio data. Common audio file extensions include. WAV,. AIF,. MP3, and. MID. File Extension. File Type. Popularity. AIFAudio Interchange File Format. M4. AMPEG 4 Audio File. MIDMIDI File. 22. MP3. MP3 Audio File. WAVWAVE Audio File. WMAWindows Media Audio File. IFFInterchange File Format. M3. UMedia Playlist File. MPAMPEG 2 Audio File. DSSDigital Speech Standard File. MIDIMIDI File. 20. RAMReal Audio Metadata File. CDACD Audio Track Shortcut. MODAmiga Music Module File. OGGOgg Vorbis Audio File. SNDSound File. 30. OMFOpen Media Framework File. AMRAdaptive Multi Rate Codec File. APEMonkeys Audio Lossless Audio File. FLACFree Lossless Audio Codec File. PTXPro Tools Session File. SIBSibelius Score. M4. BMPEG 4 Audio Book File. DCFDRM Content Format File. CPRCubase Project. AAAudible Audio Book File. ACDACID Project File. NBSMinecraft Note Block Studio File. SLPSpectra. Layers Pro Project. TRAKTraktor Content Pack File. PLSAudio Playlist. PTFPro Tools 7 Session File. AA3. ATRAC Audio File. M4. Ri. Phone Ringtone File. CAFCore Audio File. NKIKONTAKT Instrument File. LOGICXLogic Pro Project. RNSReason Song File. NRANero Audio Compilation. PTXTPro Tools Session Template. EMPe. Music Music Download File. EMXe. Music Download File. AMZAmazon MP3 Downloader File. ACMInterplay Audio File. AFCMass Effect 2 Audio File. DMSESound Editor Project File. DMSAMusic Disc Creator Project File. AT3. ATRAC3 Audio File. MXLCompressed Music. XML File. 24. 0. SEQPower. Tracks Pro Audio Project File. PCASTi. Tunes Podcast File. ACD ZIPSony ACID Project With Embedded Media File. RX2. REX2 Audio File. GPXGuitar Pro 6 Document. FTMFami. Tracker Module. M3. U8. UTF 8 M3. U Playlist File. 22. Simple Ipconfig. ALSAbleton Live Set File. AMXDAbleton Max Patch File. SESXAdobe Audition Session File. AACAdvanced Audio Coding File. AIFFAudio Interchange File Format. RAReal Audio File. A2. IAdlib Tracker II Instrument File. SNGMIDI Song File. AUAudio File. 31. WAVEWAVE Sound File. MMPZLMMS Project File. VOCCreative Labs Audio File. VSQXVOCALOID3 Project File. RMIRMID MIDI File. AIFCCompressed Audio Interchange File. FDPFMOD Project File. MP2. MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File. S3. MScream. Tracker 3 Module. XMFasttracker 2 Extended Module. KARKaraoke MIDI File. SVXAmiga 8 Bit Sound File. MPCMusepack Compressed Audio File. H4. BLine 6 POD HD4. Edit Bundle. 30. 0. FPAFinale Performance Assessment File. MINIGSFGame Boy Advance Song File. MTMMulti. Tracker Module. PTTPro Tools Session Template. PCAPerfect Clarity Audio File. SMFStandard MIDI File. FEVFMOD Audio Events File. WRKCakewalk Music Project. CWPCakewalk SONAR Project. NOTENotessimo Composition. SD2. Sound Designer II File. CDLXAudition CD Layout File. A2. BAdlib Tracker II Instrument Bank. MEDAmiga MED Sound File. FTMFinale Template File. XBLine 6 POD HD5. X Edit Bundle. 30. XSLine 6 POD HD5. X Edit Setlist File. CWTCakewalk SONAR Template. H5. SLine 6 POD HD5. Edit Setlist File. BNKAdlib Instrument Bank. RMXReal. Jukebox Format. SWAShockwave Audio. XELine 6 POD HD5. X Edit Preset File. VOXDialogic Voice Audio File. WAXWindows Media Audio Redirect. CELAudition Loop. ANGAnghami Audio File. SMPSmart. Music Performance File. MMFSynthetic Music Mobile Application File. SMASmart. Music Accompaniment File. M5. PMach. Five Preset File. LSOLogic Audio Project. FLPFruity. Loops Project. DVFSony Digital Voice File. ICSIC Recorder Sound File. RFLReason Re. Fill Sound Bank. M4. Pi. Tunes Music Store Audio File. SPRGSynclavier Program File. ABCABC Music Notation. UAXUnreal Audio Package. AGRAbleton Groove File. BWWBagpipe Player File. ACTADPCM Compressed Audio File. BANDGarage. Band Project File. VRFVentrilo Audio Recording. AUDVideo Game Compressed Audio File. SF2. Sound. Font 2 Sound Bank. MA1. Monarch Audio File. MP4 MP3 Database File. MUSFinale Notation File 2. DMDRM Delivery Message. COPYSony Ericsson Protected Content File. WUSWUTG Tagged Audio File. WUTWUTG Tag File. XFSe. Racer Sound File. KOZAudiokoz Music File. KOZBell Music File. CSHCubase Waveform File. UWUnsigned Word Audio File. INSAdlib Tracker Instrument File. SYXMIDI System Exclusive Message. TXWYamaha TX1. 6W Audio File. MUSXFinale Notation File 2. AKPAkai Sampler File. AMSExtreme Tracker Module. AMSVelvet Studio Module. FTMXFinale Template File. SMPXSmart. Music Accompaniment File. H5. ELine 6 POD HD5. Edit Preset File. CDRRaw Audio CD Data. DCMDCM Audio Module. DEWFSound. Edit Recorded Instrument. DF2. Defractor 2 Instrument. DFCDefractor Instrument. MMPMix. Meister Playlist. DIGDigilink Audio File. DIGSound Designer Audio File. DLSDownloadable Sounds File. DMFDelusion Digital Music File. DSFDelusion Digital Sound File. DSMDigital Sound Module. VSQVOCALOID2 Project File. DTMDigi. Trakker Module. DWDDiamond. Ware Digital Audio File. GSFLIBGame Boy Advance Song Library. PTMPoly. Tracker Module. BWFBroadcast Wave File. PTSPro Tools Session. RNGNokia Composer Ringtone. DCTDictation Audio File. GSMGlobal System for Mobile Audio File. EFAEnsoniq ASR File. EFKEnsoniq KT File. EFQEnsoniq SQ1SQ2KS 3. File. 30. 0. EFSEnsoniq SQ 8. File. 30. 0. EFVEnsoniq VFX SD File. EMDABT Extended Module. ESPSESPS Sampled Data File. SDSound Designer Audio File. SDESPS Sampled Data File. F3. 2Raw 3. 2 Bit Audio File. F6. 4Raw 6. 4 Bit Audio File. F2. RFarandoyle Linear Module File. F3. RFarandoyle Blocked Module File. CWSChord. Wizard Song. FSMFarandole Composer Wave. Sample File. 40. 0. FZFCasio FZ 1 Full Dump. FZVCasio FZ 1 Voice Dump. GIGTascam Giga. Sampler File. G7. 21. G. 7. 21 Audio File. G7. 23. G. 7. 23 Audio File. G7. 26. G. 7. 26 Audio File. SXTPropellerhead Reason NN XT Patch File. SC2. Sample Cell II Instrument Definition. ITIImpulse Tracker Instrument. K2. 6Kurzweil K2. File. 40. 0. KRZKurzweil K2. File. 16. 7. KSFKorg TrinityTriton Sample File. MTEMad. Tracker 2 Envelope. MTIMad. Tracker Instrument. MTPMad. Tracker 2 Pattern. OKTOktalyzer Module. SOUSBStudio II Sound File. CKBCricket Audio Bank File. CWBCakewalk Bundle. PSMProtracker Studio Module. RBSRebirth Song File. ROLAd Lib Synthesized Instrument. RTIReal Tracker Instrument. S3. IScream Tracker 3 Instrument. CONFORMConformalizer Change List File. SBISound Blaster Instrument. SDSMIDI Sample Dump Standard File. SPPACKSPPack Sound Sample. SNDMacintosh Sound Resource. STMScream Tracker 2 Module. STXScream Tracker Music Interface Kit File. SYHSynchomatic Instrument. SYWYamaha SY9. 9SY8. Audio File. 20. 0. TD0. Akai Teledisk Sound Library. YOOKOOYookoo Player Playlist File. ULTUltra. Tracker Module. UNIMik. Mod Uni. MOD Module. UWFUltra. Tracker Wave File. VMDCovox Raw Sample. W0. 1Yamaha SY Series Wave File. WFBWave. Front Sound Bank. WFDWave. Front Drum Kit File. WFPWave. Front Program File. WOWGrave Composer Music Module. OBWSuperior Drummer Sounds File. PANDORAPandora Android App Executable. ZVDZy. XEL Voice File. OVEOverture Musical Score. NWCNote. Worthy Composer File. NTNNOTION Song File. SFKSound Forge Pro Audio Peak File. WPKNero Wave Editor File. WWUWwise Work Unit. WPROJWwise Project File. VQFTwin. VQ Audio File. WVWav. Pack Audio File. WVCWav. Pack Correction File. NRTNokia Ringtone. NARRATIVENarrator Document. BAPBlaze Audio Wave Information File. VPWVox. Pro Wave File. SHNShorten Compressed Audio File. UAU Audio File. 28. GSFGame Boy Advance Sound File. BDDCARA Sound Radiation Data File. USFNintendo 6. 4 Music File. USFLIBNintendo 6. Song Library. 30. MINIUSFNintendo 6. Song File. 23. 3.