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KIOTI CK2. 0 OWNERS MANUAL Pdf Download. Knowledge of tractor operation is essential for many years of dependable service and reliability. This manual is given to help you familiarize yourself with the CK2. It is the policy of KIOTI to provide each KIOTI tractor owner with a detailed owners manual to help you answer many questions. ABBREVIATION LIST Abbreviations Definitions Four Wheel Drive American Petroleum Institute ASAE American Society of Agricultural Engineers, USA ASTM American Society of Testing and Materials, USA Feet Per Minute Hi Lo High Speed Low Speed Hydrostatic Transmission Meters Per Second P. T. O Power Take OFF RHLH Right hand and Left hand sides are determined by facing in the direction of forward travel. UNIVERSAL SYMBOLS Various universal symbols have been used on the instruments and controls of your KIOTI tractor. Below is a list of the universal symbols and their meanings. Safety Alert Symbol Hazard Warning Lights Fuel Level Master Lighting Switch Engine Coolant Temperature. CONTENTS 1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. SERVICING. ASTM D 1056 explained by Monmouth Rubber Plastics. American Society For Testing Materials D1056 ASTM D1056 ASTM D 1056 explained PDF Download Version. ASTM A53 is a carbon steel alloy, used as structural steel or for lowpressure plumbing. The alloy specifications are set by ASTM International, in specification ASTM. ASTM Standards ASTM C665. ASTM C665 12 Standard Specification for MineralFiber Blanket Thermal Insulation for Light Frame Construction and Manufactured Housing. SPECIFICATIONS. INSTRUMENT PANEL AND CONTROLS. PRE OPERATION CHECK. OPERATING THE ENGINE. OPERATING THE TRACTOR. THREE POINT HITCH DRAWBAR. Download Astm Standard Free Pdf' title='Download Astm Standard Free Pdf' />HYDRAULIC UNIT. BEFORE OPERATING THE TRACTOR OPERATING THE TRACTOR DRIVING THE TRACTOR PARKING THE TRACTOR OPERATING THE P. T. O SAFETY PRECAUTIONS USING 3 POINT HITCH SERVICING THE TRACTOR TRACTOR SAFETY LABELS. CK2. 0 BEFORE OPERATING THE TRACTOR A careful operator is the best operator. Download Astm Standard Free Pdf' title='Download Astm Standard Free Pdf' />Most accidents can be avoided by ob serving certain precautions. To help pre vent accidents, read and take these safety precautions and pay attention to the job at hand. If you can prevent an accident in advance, your time will have been spent well. Do not start your tractor by shorting across the starter. No alterations should be made to your KIOTI tractor without first consulting you KIOTI dealer. CK2. 0 2. 0. For your safety ROPS with a seat belt is recommended for most applications. Introduction. This manual is the basic textbook for anyone writing an ASTM standard. A study of Parts A, B, C, or E will show the proper form for the. SGS is a recognized leader in ASTM or US EPA standard testing. Contact us for reliable, independent test results. ASTM A153 A153M 09 Standard Specification for Zinc Coating HotDip on Iron and Steel Hardware. Astm B209 07. pdf Free Download Here Selection Guide to Aluminum Sheet and Plate Ref. ASTMB209 http Selection Guide to. NOTE Always use seat belt when the trac tor is equipped with a ROPS. Never use the seat belt when tractor is not equipped with a ROPS. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1 5 OPERATING THE TRACTOR 1. O1. 08. A 1. 96. O1. A 1. 96. O1. 10. A 1. Avoid accidental contact with gear 2. Do not park your tractor on a steep 3. Do not operate your tractor in an en shift levers while the engine is incline, and remember to shut off the closed building without the proper running. CK2. 0 1. 96. O1. A 1. 96. O1. 12. A 1. O1. 13. A 1 Drawbar 4. Make sure that all pressured lines are 6. If the front of the tractor tends to rise 7. Do not leave equipment in the raised tight before starting the tractor. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1 7 1. Driving forward out of a ditch or steep inclines can cause the tractor to tip over backwards. To avoid this you should back out of these positions. Four wheel drive tractors can give you a false sense of security in the tractors ability to maneuver out of these positions, so extra caution should be taken. CK2. 0 DRIVING THE TRACTOR CK2. CK2. 0H 1. 96. O1. A 1. 96. O1. 16. A 1. O1. 18. A 2. Always slow the tractor down before 1 Brake Pedal Lock 2 Brake Pedal L 1 Brake Pedal Lock 2 Brake Pedal L turning. Turning at high speed may tip. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1 9 PARKING THE TRACTOR 4. Observe all local traffic and safety regulations. Turn the headlights on. Dim them when meeting another vehicle. Drive at speeds that allow you to main tain control at all times. Do not apply the differential lock while traveling at road speeds. CK2. 0 OPERATING THE P. T. O USING 3 POINT HITCH 1. O1. 22. A 1. 96. O1. A 1. 96. O1. 24. A 1 P. T. O Shaft Cap 2 P. T. O Shaft Cover 1 3 point hitch lowering speed knob A FAST C LOCK B SLOW 1. Make sure the tractor is completely 3. Before installing or using P. T. O driven 1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1 1. SERVICING THE TRACTOR 1. O1. 25. A 1. 96. O1. A 1. 96. O1. 27. A In order to service your tractor you must 4. Before jump starting a dead battery, 6. Do not remove the radiator cap while park it on a flat level surface, set the read and follow all of the instructions. CK2. 0 1. 96. O1. A 1. 96. O1. 29. A 1. O1. 30. A 1 Cardboard 3 Magnifying Glass 2 Hydraulic Line 9. Tire mounting should be done by quali 1. Securely support the tractor when 7. When working with your tractors elec changing wheels or the wheel tread. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1 1. O1. 31. A 1. 4. Fluid escaping from pinholes may be invisible. Backyard Baseball 2001 Full Version there. Do not use hands to search for suspected leaks Use a piece of cardbord or wood, instead. Use of safety goggles or other eye protection is also highly recommended. CK2. 0 TRACTOR SAFETY LABELS 1. O1. 34. B. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1 1. O1. 35. A. 1 1. CK2. Part No. T2. 35. 0 5. Part No. T4. 62. Part No. T2. 32. Part No. T4. Part No. T2. 32. Part No. T2. 44. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1 1. Part No. T2. 61. Part No. T2. 61. Part No. T2. SERVICING THE TRACTOR SERVICING OF TRACTOR. Locate the serial numbers now and record them in the space provided. However, when in need of parts or major service, be sure to see your KIOTI dealer. Before using implements not sold by KIOTI Transmission Serial No. For service, contact the KIOTI dealership. SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS IMPLEMENT LIMITATIONS. CK2. 0 SPECIFICATIONS CK2. Model MECHANICAL Model 3. C0. 93 Type Liquid cooled, 3 cylinder diesel Engine gross HP k. W 2. 1 1. 5. 7 P. T. OFactory observed HP k. Wrpm 1. 6. 5 1. Displacement cc cu. Rated revolution r. Fuel tank capacity gal. SPECIFICATIONS 3 3 CK2. Model MECHANICAL Front AG, TURF, INDUSTRIAL 6 1. Rear AG, TURF, INDUSTRIAL 9. Download Randy Newman Bad Love Rar. Forward At rated engine rpm 1. KIOTI and which exceed the maximum specifications listed below, or which are otherwise unfit for use with the KIOTI tractor may result in malfunctions or failures of the tractor, damage to other property and injury to the operator or others. SPECIFICATIONS 3 5 Implement Remarks CK2. CK2. 0H Remarks Operating Capa. Max. Bucket width mmin Loader 1. Max. Diging depth mmft. Do not use 3 point hitch backhoe Backhoe with sub frame 1. Max. Cutting width mmin Mid Mower 1. Max. INSTRUMENT PANEL INSTRUMENT PANEL, SWITCHES AND HAND CONTROLS AND CONTROLS FOOT AND HAND CONTROLS. CK2. 0 INSTRUMENT PANEL, SWITCHES AND HAND CONTROLS 1 Left Turn Indicator 2 Cooling Water Temp. Gauge 3 Turn Signal Switch Light Switch 4 Hazard Lamp Switch 5 Engine Revolution Gauge 6 Right Turn Indicator 7 Fuel Gauge 8 Key Switch. INSTRUMENT PANEL AND CONTROLS 4 3 FOOT AND HAND CONTROLS 1 Shuttle Shift Lever CK2. Clutch Pedal 3 Hi Lo Shift Lever 4 Parking Brake Lock Lever 5 Hand Throttle 6 Brake Pedal L 7 Brake Pedal R 8 Foot Throttle M4 4 CK2. ForwardBack Ward Shuttle Pedal CK2. H 2 Clutch Pedal 3 Hi Lo Shift Lever 4 Parking Brake Lock Lever 5 Hand Throttle 6 Brake Pedal L 7 Brake Pedal R 8 Joystick Lever 9 Double Acting Lever A, BDAILY CHECK PRE OPERATION. CK2. 0 DAILY CHECK CHECK ITEM It is a good practice to know the condition Do a walk around inspection. You Check the engine oil level should do routine check before each use. STARTING THE ENGINE STOPPING THE ENGINE OPERATING THE ENGINE WARMING UP JUMP STARTING. CK2. 0 STARTING THE ENGINE MAKE SURE THE PARKING BRAKE IS SET 1. To set the parking brake CAUTION 1 interlock the brake pedals To avoid personal injury 2 Depress the brake pedals You must read and understand 3 Latch the brake pedals with the the warning and caution labels on parking brake lever. OPERATING THE ENGINE 6 3 PLACE THE P. T. O CLUTCH LE MOVE THE HYDRAULIC VER IN OFF POSITION. CONTROL LEVER FORWARD. PLACE THE SPEED CON TROL PEDAL IN NEUTRAL POSITION. PLACE THE RANGE GEAR SHIFT LEVER HI LO IN NEUTRAL POSITION. Motor World Car Factory For Pc. NOTE The speed control pedal automatically return to neutral when the operators foot is released from the pedal. CK2. 0 SET THE THROTTLE LEVER TO INSERT THE KEY INTO THE KEY ABOUT HALF WAY SWITCH AND TURN IT ON.