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PaintballBallistic Chronograph 1. Steps with PicturesNow that we have the chronograph up and working, we will find the worst case scenarios and error tolerances of this device. I will calculate the accuracy according to a 3. I assume that the IR TransmittersDetectors are placed exactly 4 apart, I wont account for manufacturing error. Wildlife Conservation Strategy 2002 Pdf. Accuracy If a paintball is traveling at 3. LR_4.jpg' alt='Download Air Gun Ballistic Program For Iphone' title='Download Air Gun Ballistic Program For Iphone' />BB guns are a type of air guns designed to shoot metallic round shot called BBs spherical metal projectiles of approximately the same size as the 0. CSHt1-ShL4/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Download Air Gun Ballistic Program' title='Download Air Gun Ballistic Program' />Hawke is a British company providing high quality scopes and red dots. They have models for magnum air rifles, field target shooters and hunters. Gun Metaphors Deeply Embedded In English Language Gunoriented language is so pervasive in American English that even Vice President Joe Biden, in a recent. Seeing as our IR TransmitterDetector pairs are spaced 4 apart, we have to divide 3. So the time it will take the paintball to travel 4 at 3. CPU Speed 1. 2 MIPS 8. Accuracy 1. 00 1. Now that is not the actual accuracy of this chronograph. If this microcontroller could detect an object at any instruction cycle, it would have an accuracy of 9. Seeing as I am polling the IR Detectors and waiting to see when an object has broken beam 1, it takes 8 instruction cycles per loop when I am trying to detect if there is an object breaking the beam. Then once it has detected an object, it has one more instruction cycle to perform because it has to start Timer. After it has done all of this, it has begun recording the time period that it takes the projectile to travel from beam 1 to beam 2. Hawke-Screen-HAM.jpg' alt='Download Air Gun Ballistic Program' title='Download Air Gun Ballistic Program' />The same goes for beam 2. It takes 8 instruction cycles per detection loop and one more instruction to turn Timer. Therefore the worst case scenario is InsLoop 8 ins 2 Loops 1. InsEnabling of Timer. Timer. 1 2 instructions. Longest amount of time possible before a detection 1. Accuracy 1. 00 1. So assuming that there are no other sources of error distance is exactly 4, beams are broken identically on each side, etc we would have an accuracy of 9. This is very good, however, there are many other small sources of error that I have not accounted for. Therefore it is highly unlikely that the chronograph that I build or you build will be 9. Nonetheless, it works quite well and I am very pleased with it. Edit I forgot to add the minimum velocity of the projectile. Seeing as the highest count that Timer. Download Air Gun Ballistic Program' title='Download Air Gun Ballistic Program' />MIPS, we can calculate the speed of a projectile as low as 6. The calculations are as follows MCU Speed 1. MIPS 8. 3. 3. 33. Max Count Timer. 1 6. Min Velocity 1. MIPS 6. To be safe, well say 6. External ballistics or exterior ballistics is the part of ballistics that deals with the behavior of a projectile in flight. The projectile may be powered or un. Create a lowcost Paintball Chronograph for less than 40 A ballistic chronograph is a device that records the velocity of a projectile. This particular. Prepared by Kelly Buchanan Chief, Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Division I February 2013. Appendix Current State and Territory Firearms Legislation in.