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MYcD.png' alt='Delphi Xe File Not Found' title='Delphi Xe File Not Found' />Delphi Xe File Not FoundFire. Monkey Mobile Android, i. OS QR Code Generation Using Delphi XE 5 Delphi. ZXing. QRCode. The Delphi. ZXing. QRCode unit, ported from ZXing by Debenu, allows to easily add QR Code generation to your Delphi VCL applications. While the Delphi. Delphi, the modern Pascal descendent, is introduced as a learn by example tool to solve math and science puzzles and problems. An autonomous car also known as a driverless car, selfdriving car, robotic car, autos and unmanned ground vehicle is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its. Ev2O.jpg' alt='Delphi Xe File Not Found' title='Delphi Xe File Not Found' />ZXing. QRCode was designed to support VCL applications and be used in newer as well as in older Delphi versions, it can also easily be upgraded for Fire Monkey applications be it desktop or mobile Android, i. OS. Delphi. ZXing. QRCode Fire. Monkey Support. To Fire. Monkey enable the Delphi. ZXing. QRCode unit a few changes to the source code were required. Delphi Developers Information and Components Other Magenta Sites. CodeLook lookup telephone numbers and cost. ComCap v4 data capture utility. DUN Manager. 12 thoughts on FireMonkey Mobile Android, iOS QR Code Generation Using Delphi XE 5 DelphiZXingQRCode Oliver December 28, 2013 at 1253. The unit uses contnrs System. Contnrs. pas unit which implements TObject. List used by the unit and other container like classes. Under Fire. Monkey for mobile, more specifically under ARC, the classes contained in System. Contnrs. pas cannot be used because they are not ARC compliant. Equivalent classes are to be found in System. Generics. Collections. ARC compliant where generics versions of TObject. List is defined. Therefore, the first change is to replace uses contnrs, with uses System. Generics. Collections, This also requires to make changes like from Blocks TObject. List to Blocks TObject. Listlt TBlock. Pair that is to use strongly typed generics list classes. Further, there are lots of ansistring and widestring types used for parameters in various functions inside the unit. If you want to go mobile, those are not supported and you should use string. More info here Migrating Delphi Code to Mobile from Desktop. How do we call Crystal Reports from Delphi XE What version of Crystal Reports does Delphi XE supportTherefore, the second change to the unit would be to replace widestring with string and ansistring with array of byte or something else as explained in the article. Single Pixel Drawing and Other Canvas Drawing Fire. Embarcadero_Delphi_XE6.png/500px-Embarcadero_Delphi_XE6.png' alt='Delphi Xe File Not Found' title='Delphi Xe File Not Found' />Monkey Style. In the VCL, the TCanvas class allows accessing single pixels through the Canvas. Pixels property. In Fire. Monkey this is not supported and you have to use the Set. Pixel property of a TBitmap. Data instance. Once the qr code is generated, to convert it to a bitmap image, in Fire. Monkey. QRCode TDelphi. ZXing. QRCode. Row, Column Integer. Color TAlpha. Color. Bit. Map. Data TBitmap. Data. r. Src, r. Dest TRect. F. s widestring. QRCode TDelphi. ZXing. QRCode. Create. QRCode. Data edt. Text. Text. QRCode. Encoding TQRCode. Encodingcmb. Encoding. Item. Index. QRCode. Quiet. Zone Str. To. Int. Defedt. Quiet. Zone. Text, 4. QRCode. Bitmap. Set. SizeQRCode. Rows, QRCode. Columns. Row 0 to QRCode. Rows 1 do. for Column 0 to QRCode. Columns 1 do. if QRCode. Is. BlackRow, Column then. Color TAlpha. Colors. Black. pixel. Color TAlpha. Benrus Serial Numbers more. Colors. White. if QRCode. Bitmap. MapTMap. Access. Write, v. Bit. Map. Data then. Bit. Map. Data. Set. PixelColumn, Row, pixel. Color. finally. QRCode. Bitmap. Unmapv. Bit. Map. Data. QRCode. Free. refresh image control img. QRCode is a TImage. Note compare this with the VCL approach of TDelphi. ZXing. QRCode usage. VCLs Canvas. Stretch. Draw to FMXs Canvas. Draw. Bitmap. Theres no Strecth. Draw in FMXs Canvas class. Theres Draw. Bitmap. Stretch. Draw by default does no antialiasing. FMX does. So I had to play a little until I was able to make it work correctly. Ive decided to use TImage and not TPaint. Box as I was simply not able to make TPicture. Box in Fire. Monkey draw what I wanted Using TImage, the code to getdisplay the generated QR Code is as follows. QRCode is a TImage. QRCode. Bitmap. Set. SizeQRCode. Bitmap. Width, QRCode. Bitmap. Height. r. Src TRect. F. Create0, 0, QRCode. Bitmap. Width, QRCode. Bitmap. Height. r. Dest TRect. F. Create0, 0, img. QRCode. Bitmap. Width, img. QRCode. Bitmap. Height. QRCode. Bitmap. Canvas. Begin. Scene then. QRCode. Bitmap. Canvas. ClearTAlpha. Colors. White. img. QRCode. Bitmap. Canvas. Draw. BitmapQRCode. Bitmap, r. Src, r. Dest, 1. QRCode. Bitmap. Canvas. End. Scene. Aliasing Do Not Need It By default, in FMX, when using Draw. Bitmap to resize it, antialiasing is used by default. There are two properties you need to set to ensure a bigger copy of your small qr code is drawn pixel copy perfect. QRCode. Disable. Interpolation true. QRCode. Wrap. Mode TImage. Wrap. Mode. iw. Stretch. In a Fire. Monkey Desktop application, this works as expected. On Fire. Monkey Mobile it does not the resized image is still blurred antialiasing used. Thats it. QR Codes generation in Fire. Monkey both desktop and mobile Download the FMX version of Delphi. ZXIng. QRCode. pas FMX Delphi. ZXIng. QRCode. Comments are welcome even more if you know how to resize a bitmap in Fire.