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How to Play Gamecube Backups on Your Wii Without a Modchip. Steps. If any problems pop up Ill add them to this list. Question Every time I start Gamecube backup launcher it gets a freaky green screen and reboots my wii. Answer You either didnt install the miospatcher or forgot to put the Gamecube backup DVD in the wii before you started the Gamecube backup Homebrew app. Psp Game Ben 10 Protector Earth on this page. Question Do DVDR or DVDRW DVDs workAnswer I had great success with both DVDR and DVD R, but I couldnt get my wii to read a DVDRW DVD. Question I play a game and its black and white with flashing barsAnswer Youre playing a game that has a different region than your Wii, or a different region than your tv. Squeak is a modern, open source, fullfeatured implementation of the powerful Smalltalk programming language and environment. Question My Gamecube files are GCMs not ISOs. Answer You need to right click them, and rename the GCM part into ISO. Question How do I switch games in a multidiskAnswer After you load Gamecube backup launcher use the D pad on your Gamecube controller. Question Can I play PAL or JAP games on my NTSC Wii or vise versaAnswer I didnt test that out, Im pretty sure you cant yet but it wont hurt your Wii if you try. Iata Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual 2011. Question Which games are compatibleAnswer Here is a list of most games that were tested. I personally can say that the NTSC versions of Pikmin, Pikmin 2 and Ty the Tasmanian tiger 3 work. Question When I start GC backup launcher I get freaky lines and need to restart my Wii. Answer This happens randomly, just restart the Wii and it should be fine. Question MY SAVES DONT WORK andor ARE GONEAnswer You probably downloaded Gamecube Backup launcher Theta and updated to Gamecube Backup launcher Xi. The save files created by Theta were named incorrectly and will not work in Xi. The problem has been fixed in Xi though, so it should work in future Gamecube backup launcher versions. Question There are people in your instructable that keeps commenting on your instructable with links to a site with something called Homebre. Ware or Homebrew unlock hack, is it some sort of scamAnswer Yes, it most definitely is a scam. Homebre. Ware was started by some people that wanted to make money off the already free Homebrew Channel. They charge you a grotesque amount of money for a useless piece of software with claims and testimonials of how good it works only to disappoint you when it fails miserable on your updated wii firmware and bricks your Wii. Always remember, THE HOMEBREW CHANNEL IS FREE. WPsvdHqbxU/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Cios Installer' title='Cios Installer' />Cios Installer 38r17Cios Installer 38r17 DownloadAttention, il est strictement interdit dutiliser ce tutoriel pour utiliser des jeux pirats dont vous ne possdez pas loriginal. Suivre ce tutoriel peut faire.