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DATING OR DETERMINING THE AGE OF VINTAGE WATCHESHow to Determine the Age of a Watch. By Kevin James. How old is my watch This is probably the most common question watch collectors have. Sometimes it is easy to answer, and sometimes it is impossible. The reason  There have been a lot of watch manufacturing companies that have come and gone over the years. Many have gone out of business, while others destroyed records to save space. Some companies as with the Gruen Watch Company, even lost rocords to fire or other natural disaster. The companies are not to blame. I am sure they had no idea that their timepieces would someday be collected. There are several ways to get an idea of when your watch was made. SERIAL NUMBERS  I am slowly adding serial number tables to this site. Serial number records are available for many of the old pocket watch companies like AM Waltham, Elgin, South Bend etc. If serical number records are available for your watch, heres how to use them You will notice that there are many numbers stamped at various locations inside and outside your watch. They all mean different things. See my section on OPENING A WATCH to learn how to get inside your watch. Benrus Serial Numbers' title='Benrus Serial Numbers' />Benrus Serial NumbersWith the exception of BULOVA, the numbers on the inside and outside of the CASE ITSELF are ONLY for identification purposes they mean nothing. The number you need is the serial number stamped on the MOVEMENT i. Write this number down and compare it to the charts on this website. This will give a good idea of the manufacture date. It will NOT tell you the actual date the watch was acquired. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Vintage Watches Repair Watch Parts Branded Watch Parts Non Branded Watches for Sale Vintage Watches Restoration About Blancpain. Karra. Szinte sosem hordott, eredeti llapot karra, letisztult, minimalista dizjnnal. The new company struggled early on as it coped with higher then anticipated manufacturing costs. They also had problems making the interchangeable parts system. Otto Frei web site www. Bob Frei contains over 29,100 items for the watch, clock and Jewelry industry. Otto Frei, Oakland Ca. Forum Main Forum. This is the site for enthusiasts of military timepieces. All discussions related to military timepieces, and watches in general are welcome. If there are some letters incoroporated in the serial number common with Hamilton and Elgin your watch was probably made AFTER the last date on the chart. Both companies went to a different serial number system and the date of manufacture is not determinable by these letter number serials. BULOVA In the 1. Bulova incorporated a symbol system to date the watches they manufactured. These numbers are stamped on the back outside of the case. If there is no two symbols, it could be that your watch was made before 1. The code is very simple. Fd7.jpg' alt='Benrus Serial Numbers' title='Benrus Serial Numbers' />L5. M6. 0, N7. P8. 0, T9. The code was usually stamped on the back of the watch case. For exabple, If you have a Bulova watch with the stamp M3 then it was made in 1. STYLESo, How do you determine the age of all of the others Quite often it comes right down to what the watch looks like. ANTIQUE ESTATE AUCTION Sat., Sept. A. M. Preview from 830 a. Day of Sale Rockway Hall, Vineland Ont. PAINTINGSPRINTS James Keirstead signed. The first military airplanes had cockpit watches, which were like pocket watches, which hung on the instrument panel with the winding knob downward and the second. There have been quite a few aviation watches on the blog, but were going even higher this time with a Breitling Cosmonaute ChronoMatic. Click pictures to enlarge. Benrus Serial Numbers' title='Benrus Serial Numbers' />Benrus Serial NumbersHere are samples of the styles that each decade offered. The 1. 92. 0s. The 1. Note the thick hands, engraved patterns and bold design of all of these watches. Dashto Horological, watches, horological tools, watch dials, cases, pocket watch movements, Omega, Accutron, bands, watch and clock books, Rolex. These watches are typical of the Deco style of the teens and 2. The Elgin and Hamilton were dated by serial number, while the Gruen was dated by an inscription on the back. The New Haven was dated by looking at the style of the watch. It looks very similar to the styly of the others. Therefore I think it is from the 1. Gruen. 19. 25 Elgin. Hamilton. 19. 31 Elgin. The 1. 95. 0s. 1. The 1. 96. 0s. 1. Tavannes. In the 1. Notice that the watches from the early 1. By the late 1. 93. Thin tank watches became fashionable. This was made possible by the advent of square movements. Until then all movements were round, limiting the designs. The Bulova and Hamilton stepped cases shown here on the left are a perfect example of this. Men were preferring tank watches, however only round movements were available, therefore the case was stepped to accomodate the movement and make the watch APPEAR to be square. Longines Automatic. MINT 1. 95. 2 Hamilton Brockpart of my personal collection1. Hamilton PacerFirst battery operated watchHamilton PutnamThe 1. With only a few suttle changes. The lines were fairly rigid and angular. Even though watches were fairly small back then, the designs were bold and more  masculine than before. Hour markers became less fancy. A few words that sum up the 1. Futuristic, Automation, and expressive. A few years following the end of WWII  america entered a period of prosperity, economic growth, and technical advancements in electronics and science. It seemed that all eyes were fixed on the future. Many but not all watches were affected by the vision of the future. As you can see from some of these examples, bold and fancy was back in style Also, round watches were once again in style. During the 5. 0s round watches and Tank watches were evenly fashionable. Benrus 3 Star1. Bulova. Omega Constellation. Bulova. 19. 68 Benrus. Most watches from the 6. The style was fairly modern, and bold. Hands got a little wider and came to a sharper point. Dials were larger while the cases were made to be less of a focal point. The dial and crystal go right to the edge and the lugs are smaller. The 1. The 1. 97. I say. These pictures sum it up perfectly. Bell bottoms, Disco, and big gawdy watches with thick heavy cases, wide square hands. Copyright 1. 99. 9 2. Kevin James.  All Rights Reserved. Waltham Watch Company Wikipedia. The Waltham Watch Company, also known as the American Waltham Watch Co. American Watch Co., produced about 4. The companys historic 1. Waltham, Massachusetts have been preserved as the American Waltham Watch Company Historic District. HistoryeditIn 1. Roxbury, Massachusetts, David Davis, Edward Howard, and Aaron Lufkin Dennison formed the company that would later become the Waltham Watch Company. Their revolutionary business plan was to manufacture the movement parts of watches so precisely that they would become fully interchangeable. Based upon the experience of earlier failed trials, Howard and Dennison eventually perfected and patented their precision watch making machines, creating what has been called the American System of Watch Manufacturing. American Horologe Company Warren Manufacturing CompanyeditThe original name of the company, which began operations in 1. Some sources say the name was the American Horologe Company. However, in 1. 88. Dennison stated that the first company name was the Warren Manufacturing Company, named for General Warren of Roxbury, a famous soldier of the War of Independence. The word watch was specifically omitted to retain secrecy of the novel operation. In 1. 85. 1, production began in a new factory building. In late 1. 85. 2, the first watches were complete. The first 1. 7 watches, which ran for 8 days, and were marked Howard, Davis Dennison, were distributed among company officials. How To Program A Currency Converter In Java'>How To Program A Currency Converter In Java. Number 1, given to Howard, is now at the Smithsonian Institution. Numbers 1. 8 to 1. Warren, Boston and the following 8. Samuel Curtis, after the financial backer of the company. A few, marked Fellows Schell, sold for 4. January 1. 85. 3 saw the introduction of the P. S. Bartlett watch, named for early employee Patten Sargeant Bartlett. Boston Watch CompanyeditIn September 1. Boston Watch Company. A new factory was built in Waltham, Massachusetts, on the banks of the Charles River, which the company occupied in 1. Growth of the company prompted significant expansion of these premises, whose surviving elements now date to the period 1. Now repurposed to residential and commercial use, the complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1. The next movements manufactured 1. Dennison, Howard, Davis, P. S. Bartlett, and C. 3D Banyan Tree Model Free Download more. T. Parker. The company had financial difficulties and Howard left to form E. Howard Co. Appleton Tracy CompanyeditUpon bankruptcy, the company was sold at auction to Royal E. Robbins, who reorganized it under the new name Appleton Tracy Company ATCo in May 1. The next movements produced, Serial numbers 5. Waltham Model 1. 85. Garmin Street Maps. America of standard parts. The C. T. Parker was introduced as the 1. American Watch CompanyeditIn January 1. Waltham Improvement Company merged with Appleton, Tracy Company, forming the American Watch Company AWCo. In 1. 86. 1, as the country entered the American Civil War, production stopped. The company decided to downsize to the lowest possible level to keep the factory open, which was successful. After the Civil War, the company became the main supplier of railroad chronometers to various railroads in North America and more than fifty other countries. In 1. 87. 6, the company showed off the first automatic screw making machinery and obtained the first Gold Medal in a watch precision contest at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. American Waltham Watch CompanyeditIn 1. American Waltham Watch Company AWWCo. Magazine advertisement from 1. Waltham Watch CompanyeditIn 1. Waltham Watch Co. WWCo, in 1. 92. 3 briefly to the Waltham Watch and Clock Company and finally in 1. Waltham Watch Company WWC. Waltham model 1. 89. Two high quality groups of watches were produced by the company for orders placed by the Canadian Pacific Railway. One large group has the shield and beaver emblem of the Railway engraved on the movements, and is known as the CPR type. The second group has Canadian Railway Time Service engraved on the movements, and is known as the CRTS type. They are both highly prized by collectors. Serial numbersedit. Waltham model 1. 89. Every watch movement that the company produced was engraved with an individual serial number. That number can be used to estimate the date of production. Volunteers have created a database of Waltham serial numbers,1 models and grades,2 and descriptions of observed watches. Waltham Precision Instruments CompanyeditThe company closed its factory doors and declared bankruptcy in 1. Several different plans were presented to restart the business, but all failed for various reasons. In 1. 95. 8, the company got out of the consumer watch business completely, and reorganized into the Waltham Precision Instruments Company. All remaining watch inventory had been sold to the Hallmark Watch Company the previous year, and rights to the Waltham trademark were sold to a new Waltham Watch Company incorporated in Delaware in exchange for stock. Specialized clocks and chronographs for use in aircraft control panels continued to be made in the Waltham factory by the Waltham Precision Instruments Company until the company was sold in 1. The company is now based in Alabama, as the Waltham Aircraft Clock Corporation. Waltham International SA SwitzerlandeditBefore the Waltham Watch Company went out of business in 1. Switzerland in 1. Waltham International SA. Waltham International SA retains the right to the Waltham trade name outside of North America, and continues to produce mechanical wrist watches and mechanical pocket watches under the Waltham brand. Hallmark Watch CompanyeditDuring their restructuring efforts in the 1. Waltham opened an office in New York for the purposes of importing Swiss watch movements and cases. Due to restrictions placed on the company by its main creditor, the Restructuring Finance Corporation, they could not sell these watches directly, so they were sold through an independent company, the Hallmark Watch Company. Waltham Watch Company DelawareeditThe Waltham Watch Company later known as Waltham of Chicago was founded by one of the executives of the Hallmark Watch Company to carry on the Waltham trade name in the watch business. In exchange for rights to the name, existing Waltham Watch Company Mass shareholders received 1 share of the new company for every 5 shares of the original company. In 1. 95. 9, the Waltham Watch Company merged with the Hallmark Watch Company, giving the new company access to replacement parts to service existing Waltham watch owners. The company came under much scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission throughout the 1. Waltham company, and that its products were not made in America. Waltham International SA manufactures and distributes Waltham Swiss Made watches in the luxury watch market. For a period the sales were concentrated in the Japanese market. Since 2. 01. 1, American entrepreneur Antonio Di. Benedetto has been majority owner of the company. In February 1. Prime Time Clocks purchased the last remaining product line, the mechanical aircraft clock. Waltham Precision Instruments was moved to Ozark, Alabama. The company then incorporated in the state of Alabama under the name of Waltham Aircraft Clock Corporation. Historic Waltham watcheseditAbraham Lincolns WatcheditUpon giving the Gettysburg Address in 1.