2006 Dodge Ram Truck Owners Manual

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Lift Basics for 2nd gen 4x. Rams DODGE RAM FORUM. I hope the mods will forgive me but this is my 9. I ve posted this info on and off over the years, but never all of it in one spot. Maybe this will help some of you younger 2nd gen owners out with some basic info on how to properly lift a 2nd gen 4x. You cant really cheat on the basic rules of axle travel and 4 link triangulation. BTW this info also applies to later HD rams with front coil and rear leaf springs. I read a lot of posts where Ram owners try to fit the largest tire under the least amount of lift. P 2015 ram 1500 view and download ram 2015 1500 user manual online 2015 1500 automobile pdf manual download view and download dodge 2015 ram 1500 user. Have a Dodge Ram 1500 w 5. L Hemi. Mpg is 11. How can I make it more fuel efficient Everything is factory. What can I do to up mpg2006 Dodge Ram Truck Owners ManualThat pretty much works on a street truck but I consider a functional suspension one that works with the tirewheel combo in any situation. If you have to creep over speed bumps or curbs to get into parking lots without rubbing thats pretty much a failure. One of the most basic questions asked on Ram forums is how much lift do I need for x sized tires While fitment is based on a couple other factors such as wheel backspacing and centering, Ill cover the lift basics here. Well start with the front suspension. The two ways of adding lift to a Ram is either coil springs or spacers. Rather than debate the logic of one over the other, Ill focus on what happens when you use either. As a rule of thumb, for every 2 inches you add in lift to your Ram you will move the front axle back about 34 of an inch and uncenter under the frame about the same amount. Dodge Ram 45 heavy duty chassis cabs the full story on the groundbreaking commercial trucks. PDF Book Library 2008 Dodge Ram Service Manuals Summary PDF Book 2008 Dodge Ram Service Manuals ram truck owners manual 2008 2 0 0 8 r a m t r u c k tance of service and. Bill Quick Software With Crack there. How to remove pcm on a 2007 dodge ram 2500 5. So a 3 inch spacerspring would move the axle about an inch. A 5 inch another common size spring would move your axle back and over about 2 inches, etc. Obviously this causes caster and dog legging issues along with severe triangulation of the factory track bar, control arms and ball joints. It degrades the ride because the of the control arm angles, and places unrealistic loads on shocks, ball joints and the afore mentioned track bar. The front sway bars ability to control body roll is also compromised to the angle of the links which causes them to deflect under load rather than load the bar and vehicle, destroying handling. Im going to explain in a moment why a properly lifted vehicle retains this piece. This why quality manufacturers go to great lengths to design suspension systems and not just lifts. B1010dp-october-2010-readers-diesels%2B2006-dodge-ram-2500-driver-front.jpg' alt='2006 Dodge Ram Truck Owners Manual' title='2006 Dodge Ram Truck Owners Manual' />A decent suspension system not only lifts the vehicle, but retains a decent ride, handling within reason NOT removing sway bars and allow for factory settings of caster and toe in. Cheaper easier to install systems tend to use factory mounting points as much as possible and may require some drilling to bolt things up. Full Body Dumbbell Workout Routine Pdf'>Full Body Dumbbell Workout Routine Pdf. Think Rough Country or similar. Higher quality kits will make sure the control arms are as parallel to the frame as possible for a great ride and handling and usually require cutting and welding. Think BDS, Fabtech, or DOR. If the adage is that you get what you pay for it certainly holds true here. So a proper suspension would include longer control arms to restore caster and ride, some kind of track bar system or bracketry to restore the triangulation of the and center the axle, and if needed, a drop pitman arm to restore steering geometry and reduce bump steer. Lastly, a proper suspension will have links or drop brackets to restore sway bar geometry. Having a lifted vehicle with a higher center of gravity needs all the help it can get, and with a proper non tank like ride will need roll control. Im going to reach out on the track bar for a moment. Its seems no other piece on a 2nd gen 4x. So lifting a truck and buying another Oem replacement is a waste. There are still about a dozen or so companies that make anything from re thought OEM parts to 3rd gen conversions to designs beefy enough to whack a rhino. Even mods to the OEM bar which can adjust for wear on the stock ball joint. Seriously, your budget should include replacing the track bar with something better. Someone is thinking. Well they do work but you still will move the front axle and with certain wheeltire combos, you will notice the off center axle from the front of the truck. Theres nothing worse then adding a leveling kit to better clear 3. FAIL Since weve covered the basics of front axles, lets talk about the back. There are about 3 common ways to lift the rear suspension on a 2nd gen Ram. They are. add a leavesnew springs, stacking or longer blocks, and shackle lifts. To me stacking or replacing blocks is the least preffered method, aibiet the easiest. The danger and carnage of a stacked block setup popping out is still fresh on my mind, decades after seeing it happen. Stacking blocks or taller blocks also induce spring wrap up quicker on slippery or uneven terrain, causing potential drive train damage. Block lifts tend to cause springs to back arch over time, requiring replacement. So why do the job twice Anything over the factory block is too much. Add a leafs or AALs, or new springs are the betterbest solutions. BTW, I recommend long style AALs over the shorter ones because they cause the same issues as blocks. Which ever method you use, you will start to change the geometry of the rear axle as well, moving it forward towards the cab. This becomes noticeable starting with 7 inches of lift and is more pronounced when a shackle lift is utilized. You can compensate by getting new springs with the center bolt off center or a zero length spring a short piece of steel that mounts to the existing pack but moves the axle backwards. I hope this answers some basic questions about how your suspensionsteering is affected by installing lift components. I certainly dont consider myself an expert on the subject but after 1. I do consider myself knowledgeable with what not only works, but the perils of failure. Btw I spend much of my time reading information on other sites as well. This not only includes forums but vendor sites that still build 2nd gen components. If you are planning something more than a 3 or 5 inch short arm lift I would suggest expanded reading. There are many other sources of information which can offer knowledge of suspension parts, but only a few cater to 2nd gen trucks. Per forum rules Im not allowed to post them here. Also a 5 inch lift is the invisible line where anything over that may start requiring more mods. Thanks for reading Edit Im adding this information for owners of Off Road Rams and hope you will find this helpful. What makes an off road ram Contrary to urban legend. NOT come with lift spacers or Cummins diesel springs from the factory. Off road rams came with special high rate springs front and rear that lifted the ram. Removed from off roads, the springs have the same length and arch as standard ram springs, but the extra stiffness higher rate increases height over a stock Ram. So, you want to put a 5 inch lift on your off road. The 5 inch lift made by Rough Country says it wont work. Yes it will. BUT. It will be 5 inches over a non off road. Standard Form Building Contract Pdf'>Standard Form Building Contract Pdf. So if you want to lift your off road 5 inches over its STOCK heigth, youd need a 7 inch lift. Make sense Keep reading this until it does. Conversely, if you want your off road to be 5 inches higher than a non off road ram. You may need an add a leaf for the rear but AALS still lift off road rear packs. Your off road will now sit 5 inches higher than a non off road. BTW, this is the same setup I run on my non off road.